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Steven John Koob: Things I Should Have Said

I was originally commisioned to design and illustrate this CD. The artist then commisioned me to create the design and HTML programming for Steven John Koob's website. The site also contains sample MP3s from the CD, and illustrations based on my original artwork for the CD.



Web Banners for FATE Magazine

Here are three versions of a WWW banner created on commission for FATE Magazine. The design is consistent across each version. However, the versions are of different sizes and complexities, and have been used for different applications as a result. The typeface used is my own Futura Exotic AD.




And finally, a square banner, requested for Websites with alternate space standards.



Here are four versions of a WWW banner created for this site, just as an exercise. The typeface used is my own Futura Exotic AD. Feel free to download any of these banners and use them to link from your own site. Please link only to the site's main page.


Short & sweet (2 frames, small size):

Wipes between frames (slightly larger):

Crossfades between frames (bigger yet):

Fully animated (huge, but shows off what you can do with animated GIFs if you have the bandwidth):



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