Still a work in progress, Spiral Dance is intended to be published eventually as a deck of cards for meditation and transformation, featuring universal, transpersonal and archetypal imagery. It could also be used as an oracle deck–like a Tarot deck, but not structured at all like what the traditional Tarot has become. I have been working on this project since 1998, and plan to complete it in the next year or two. After that, I have to find a publisher.

Each image contains either a spiral, a circle, a labyrinth, or a similar iconic image. The linking conception is that the Universe, both without and within, moves in a circular and spiral manner. The archetypes overlap and loop into each other.

The cards are photo-illustrations derived from original photographs and scans, processed through Photoshop into visionary art. This is actually my principal working method for my visual digital art. Photoshop allows me to get out into the visual realm, where anyone can view them, all the images I have been carrying in my head for years, but am not capable of drawing or painting. Thank you, Adobe!

Each card will have a name and an interpretation, which will be compiled into a book about Spiral Dance. That is being developed in fits and starts, with the assistance of a few friends who are Tarot readers and intuitives. For now, all card titles are provisional and subject to change.

All Spiral Dance materials displayed as samples on this website are © copyright Arthur Durkee, 1998–2007.

Shaman, from Spiral Dance


Serpent Power, from Spiral Dance


Music of the Spheres, from Spiral Dance

Second Place Award (tie), Juried Religious Art Show, St. Paul, MN, 2004


Mandala with Snakes in the four directions, from Spiral Dance


Hand of Time, from Spiral Dance


Crow Dance, from Spiral Dance


Snow Spiral, from Spiral Dance


Stone Spiral, from Spiral Dance


Navigations, from Spiral Dance


Fire Night, from Spiral Dance


Galileo Palimpsest, from Spiral Dance


Raccoon Spirit, from Spiral Dance

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