An online Virtual CD of new trance/techno/spacemusic: Of All Things Most Yielding

Written & Produced by Arthur Durkee


Arthur Durkee: Chapman Stick® with ISFS™, loops, beats, computers, effects.

Recorded, mixed, and mastered at Dragon's Weyr Portable Studio, Pinole, CA, 2006; Beloit, WI, 2009. Engineered by AD.

Many beats created using OhmForce's excellent standalone processors.

Released by Flying Trailer Publishing. ©2006, 2009 AP Durkee. All Rights Reserved.

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What is of all things most yielding
Can overwhelm that which is of all things most hard.
Being substanceless it can enter even where is no space;
That is how I know the value of action that is actionless.
But that there can be teaching without words,
Value in action that is actionless,
Few indeed can understand.

—Lao Tze, Tao Te Ching, 43





Of All Things Most Yielding

The Long Night

they sing one song, but they think silence


Orion Dub

Winter Stillness (Icicle Mix)

The Velvet Dam (dark nebula)

Butterfly Effect

Beat Science Dub

the cloud of their rising (from a poem by Robinson Jeffers)


Everybody Falling (in memoriam Columbia STS 107)

Kokopelli in Starlight


This online Virtual CD is a work in progress. New tracks will be added when they are completed. The order of tracks above is provisional, and subject to change without notice.

Note: Files are Very Large Array, for high-quality MP3 listening. Dial-up connections will be unavoidably slow.





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