Celestial Dancer


Indian dance


Memory of Trees



St. Paul Altarpiece (triptych)


untitled (waterfall vision)


Water Birds II


Bones on the Wall


Fire Vision







Borobudur, Java


Gunung Bromo, Java





Circle, Zuni, NM


Circle, Zuni, NM








Shadows on the Road, from Spiral Dance


untitled, from Spiral Dance


Scarab, from Spiral Dance


Helper Spirit, from Spiral Dance


untitled, from Spiral Dance



More Spiral Dance images can be found here. Still a work in progress, Spiral Dance is intended to be published eventually as a deck of cards for meditation and transformation, featuring universal, transpersonal and archetypal imagery. It could also be used as an oracle deck–like a Tarot deck, but not structured at all like what the traditional Tarot has become. I have been working on this project since 1998, and plan to complete it in the next year or two. After that, I have to find a publisher.


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