Selected book and flim reviews, both commissioned and of interesting works discovered along the way.

Aimé Césaire: “Notebook of a Return to the Native Land”

Bob Roberts: A Tim Robbins film

Selected interviews with musicians, composers, and artists. Most of these pieces originally appeared in Night Sites & Sounds,published in Madison, WI.

Master of the Low End of the Street
an interview with John Paul Jones, 1994

Bleeding Beneath the Skin
an interview with Paul Lemos, 1992

Selected CD & Album Reviews

A miscellaneous collection of CD and album reviews. Several of these reviews are of music that has been or become a favorite of mine; consequently, you won't find pans or brickbats in this selected collection. Negative reviews of other music may be posted at a later date, although it's not much fun to kick dead horses when they're down. Making music is the best revenge.

As a reviewer, one is often assigned to give opinions and reactions to material that is unknown to you. Personal tastes have some place in the process—only a fool would deny that—but one tries to be as objective as possible. The most fun thing about reviewing is that one gets to learn about artists that you were unfamiliar with beforehand, and you don't always get to review those albums that you most want to review. This keeps the review process lively, but also educational.

The selections I've made here range in length and style, and show a breadth of musical genre. I'm fairly eclectic in my musical tastes, but I'll be the first to admit that I have a bias for intelligence, quality, and innovation—all of which are well represented in the selections below.

Many of these pieces were originally published in Night Sites & Sounds, or my monthly newsletter for New Horizons, the weekly experimental music radio program I hosted on WORT-FM in Madison, WI, from 1990 thru 1997. Both magazines were published in Madison, WI.

Kate Bush: Aerial

Steve Tibbetts: The Fall of Us All

Hakim Bey: T.A.Z.
(The complete text of TAZ, which is anticopyrighted by the author, can be found online here.)

October Project: Falling Farther In

In an odd twist of fate, my review of October Project is excerpted on Clive Barker's website. I gather he's a fan, too.

Hanzel und Gretyl: Ausgeflippt

Professor Trance & The Energisers: Shaman’s Breath

Trey Gunn: One Thousand Years

Jan Garbarek Group: Twelve Moons

Anouar Brahem: Khomsa

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