This section contains formal and informal portraits. I am particularly interested in candid photography, as I think candids show a more natural view of the subject: less posed, less formal, more relaxed. This gives us the chance to see the true person, in my opinion, and brings out beauty that many people do not believe is there in themselves, especially when they are laughing. The most ordinary of people are more beautiful, when just being themselves, than any model or cinema star. The ordinary facts of life are more compelling than movies or fictional stories, because every moment of every life contains archetpyes and symbolisms and depths most people overlook, especially in themselves. This is what I want to capture in my portraits: people as they are, and when they are being more than they are.

See below for a section on what I call Stealth Photography, an extension of candid and street photography.


Boy on a bicycle, Two Harbors, MN, 2004


Dan, St. Paul, MN, 1999


Brian & Dan, St. Paul, MN, 1999


The Baricks, Amstelveen, 1998



Beebalm, Temperance River, 2003


Two Bears, Kawashaway, 2004


Double Portrait of Alex in my camper, 2004


Alex, St. Paul, MN, 2004


Alex, Kawashaway, MN, 2003


Alex, Chicago, August 2003


Buddhas, Chicago, 2004



Peat, Kawashaway, MN, 2002


Dr. Stan Hill, Director, Twin Cities Gay Men's Chorus, 2003




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