Poetry is my third artform, after music and visual art. My poems have been published in small-press journals, magazines, chapbooks, zines, and e-zines since 1985. I write mostly free-verse, non-rhymed and non-metric poems.

I generally do not write in formal meter or rhyme, or in any fixed poetic forms, with the exception of haiku, haibun, and related poetic forms originally from Japanese literature, and also prose-poems. I write in those forms on a regular basis. I find haibun in particular to be congenial, consisting as it does of dense, poetic prose with haiku interspersed.

I also write in forms invented as I go along, forms that emerge organically from the poem itself, which I then adopt as a form. The Books of Silence are written in one of these forms that, so far as I know, I invented.

Over at the Dragoncave, there are several essays that discuss organic, emergent form in poetry, and my ongoing thinking about the topic; for example: Conscious Craft or Dictation? and How Do You Write?

I also write creative nonfiction, essays, and book and music reviews, which are indexed here.

New poems in new styles, which I'm exploring without having an agenda. And this is why.

I have started a new essay blog on matters relating to poetry and creativity, called the Dragoncave.

It's essay and opinions, interlaced with new poems and images of places that inspire poems; thus it has some overlap with the Road Journal. But it's a place to focus and polish my thinking about poetry, writing, and related topics. My purpose at the Dragoncave is to compile and collect various essays I've written about poetry and poetics, and related creative matters, polish them up, re-write as needed, and present them in a more organized, coherent format. Several of the essays have been posted on various poetry critique sites, blogs, and so forth; this new blog allows me to gather all these random writings into one central location.

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poems inspired by the Basin & Range region of the Southwestern United States (haibun, prose-poem, and other forms)

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The Books of Silence

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Dragoncave — my creativity and essay blog, with occasional new poems

Heretics, Phaze 2 — I have several poems on a featured page in their Library



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