Original designs for paper & textiles


I designed the first piece below as Christmass wrapping paper in 2000. It has turned into something of an annual tradition to design and produce original wrapping paper and Christmas cards every year, and send them to family and friends. This is an ever-growing collection.

I am also thinking of re-purposing these designs for textiles and/or wallpaper patterns. Stay tuned.












All designs © 2000–2008 Arthur Durkee

These designs were created in Photoshop, using a combination of original photos (highly processed) and patterns from some of the many clip-art books I have. Some patterns are tesselations of posterized photos; the second paper shown, for example, uses a photo of trees in snow as the source material. Escher has been an influence on my work at times, most clearly seen in work samples such as these paper designs.



Fractal Papers

Paper designs I have created the past three years, based on fractal art generated in Photoshop, then turned into tiles and illustrations.





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