I specialize in low-light and night photography. I have been photographing using these special techniques for over two decades, and have taught classes and seminars in the technique. Essentially, low-light and night photography use available light, without flash, to capture images in low lighting conditions. Exposure length can range from a relatively fast 1/30 of a second to up to several minutes in duration. I have used these techniques for dance and music performance photography, astrophotography, and to create special effects mixed with more standard photographic techniaues. Blur, for example, is not always a "mistake," and can be quite effective to create mood and atmosphere.

For the piece above, Ghostwalk, the camera was mounted on a tripod, and the subject walked towards the camera slowly and steadily. The setting was a lakeside park just north of downtown Chicago, IL, and the light sources were the streetlights along the parks paths, and the headlights of traffic going by. Various peaks in the ambient lighting create distinct images which overlap; these can also be created where the subject paused in walking for a moment.

Most of the images on this page were shot using a tripod, although some were handheld. With practice, I have developed the ability to stay absolutely still while holding the camera for up an exposure up to two ro three seconds in duration.


Millenium Park, Chicago, IL, December 2004





Chicago, IL, December 2004


Minneapolis, MN, 2003


Capitol Building, Madison, WI, 1993


Capitol Building, Madison, WI, 1993



Rice Park and St. Paul Hotel, St. Paul, Miinesota, December 2002:


















Wall of Ice & Light, St. Paul Winter Carnival, St. Paul, MN, 2003


Circle with Lantern, Zuni, NM, 2004


Szyzgy, Taos, NM, 2004


Bonfire, Kawashaway, MN, 2001


Dance & Performance Photography Using Available Light


Bedaya Dancers, Central Java, Indonesia, 1986


Madison, WI, 1989

First Place Winner, Shutterbug Photo Contest, Wisconsin State Journal , 1989


San Francisco, CA, 1998


Celestial Goddess, St. Paul, 2002

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