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New Work, Autumn 2007

Chicago, IL

Chicago, IL

Driven II

Japanese Garden, Janesville Rotary Gardens, Janesville, WI

Janesville Rotary Gardens, Janesville, WI

Japanese Garden, Janesville Rotary Gardens, Janesville, WI

birds on a wire, Beloit, WI

cornfields, Beloit, WI

storm clouds and fields, Beloit, WI

New Work, Summer 2007

Lake Michigan, at Duck Lake

Temperance River, MN

Lake Michigan

Grand Marais, MN

Lake Superior, near Marquette, MI

Lower Falls, Tahquamenon Falls State Park, Upper Peninsula, MI

Kawashaway, MN

Kawashaway, MN

New Work, Road Trip, January & February 2007

Badlands, SD

Badlands, SD

Devil's Tower, WY

Japanese Garden, Portland, OR

Jizo, Japanese Garden, Portland, OR

Japanese Garden, Portlan, OR

Myer's Creek, OR

Waterfall, Humbug Mountain, OR

Joshua Tree, CA

Joshua Tree, CA

Raven, Grand Canyon, AZ

New Work, Winter 2007

Beloit, WI

Beloit, WI

Heavy Snow, Turtle Creek, Beloit, WI

Buck, near Turtle Creek, Beloit, WI

Heavy Snow, Beloit, WI

Winter Sunset, near Beloit, WI

Tannenbaum, Beloit, WI

More New Work

Song Without Words, 9 October 2005, Japanese Garden, Washington Park, Portland, OR

Song Without Words, 28 August 2005, San Gregorio Beach, CA

Song Without Words, 3 July 2006. Muir Woods, Marin County, CA

Song Without Words, 20 July 2006. Lost Maples State Park, TX

Song Without Words, 2 October 2007. Faerie Ring, Beloit, WI

Song Without Words, 28 December 2007, Winter Snowstorm, WI

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