Here's a downloadable PDF file that contains several samples of commissioned logo desgins and spot illustrations:

Logos & Illustrations

(Please note that some of the samples presented are copyrighted and may not be reprodcued without permission.)



Commissioned Logo Design


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Client: Catalys Consulting Ltd.
Corporate logo & identity systems, database design

Logo design incorporated into customized leather boots:


Client: Bleeding Edge Records
Corporate logo & identity systems


Client: ISFS
Corporate logo & identity systems


Client: Rock Prairie Montessori School, WI
Color logo; used as identity system ranging from business cards to students' t-shirts


Client: Demco Media Turtleback Books
Redesigned corporate logo for 3D appearance;
established Turtle Green as official corporate color identity


Client: Blaine City Hall, Blaine, MN
Logo for themed gallery exhibit, public artspace

The Water logo used in a promotional flyer for the show can be viewed in PDF format here.


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