A collection of things I find meaningful and inspiring, shared for your possible edification and delectation.

Also a links page to some of those places on the Web that are, well, a little different.




Some John Cage texts online

Cage: An Autobiographical Statement

More Cage quotations online



William S. Burroughs

A Thanksgiving Prayer

WS Burroughs 1:

Letter from a Master Addict

Inter-Zone – A French website dedicated to Burroughs & Brion Gysin




Jean Valentine

A favorite poet. Her 1974 book Ordinary Things was the book that most strongly affected me as a poet in my early 20s; it gave me permission to write. I had been feeling discouraged, because I had been feeling a language of poetry building in me, but most of my teachers had been confused or dismissive about it. One even went so far as to imply that what I was writing wasn't poetry. Then I discovered Ordinary Things in the University bookstore. I stood and read the whole book in the store, then bought it to take home with me. I had found someone whose voice was like what I was hearing inside my self, and who could be a role model and guide for my writing. It was a powerful, stunning moment, for which I have always been grateful.



Samuel Beckett

Beckett On Film is releasing all of the plays on DVD

The Samuel Beckett Endpage

More Beckett Links



Jorge Luis Borges

Funes the Memorius

Borges and I

The Library of Babel

More Borges materials, including poems

Wikipedia's hyperlinked article, with many further Borges links

Borges is God

Why Borges matters to physics

The Garden of Forking Paths



Constantine P. Cavafy

Dangerous Thoughts

I've Looked So Much ...

Half An Hour

E. M. Forster and C. P. Cavafy

Cavafy texts online

All of the poems in English


A short biography

A short overview, with links



Monty Python



Nourishing Food for Thought

The War Prayer, by Mark Twain

Some Thoughts by Paolo Coehlo

A Flash of Lightning in the Dark of Night by the Dalai Lama


The Gospel of Thomas, from the Nag Hammadi Library

Between Two Moments, Bliss Is Ripe – William Blake



Meister Eckhart

Selections and Quotations

The Angel's Greeting

Eckhart resources


Signs of the True Ground

The Eckhart Society

Meister Eckhart: If the only prayer you ever say in your whole life is "thank you," that would suffice.



Pleasurable Oddities, Literary Ambrosias & Strange Luck

Hakim Bey – a brilliant anarchist, sexual heretic, and poet ; several websites exist, this is one of the best, with several texts available

The Temporary Autonomous Zone – Hakim Bey's inspirational palimpsests

T.A.Z. – download the complete text of TAZ as a plain text file (anticopyrighted text)

Millenium by Hakim Bey

Hakim Bey & Onotological Anarchy – Many more writings by Hakim Bey under a couple of different names, hosted by The Hermetic Library

Axiom Records – Bill Laswell's sonic universe, which includes a recording of Hakim Bey reading tests from TAZ

More Hakim Bey links and texts. And yet more.

Autonomedia, publishers of Semiotext(e) among other excellencies

Allen Ginsberg, an Allen fan website, and a unique tribute to Allen

The Surrealist Compliment Generator

Random Haiku Generator and another RHG and another RHG and yet another RHG and a downloadable RHG

Oblique Strategies – the official website hosted by my friend Greg Taylor: includes some downloable software versions

An online Oblique Strategies random card generator, and an online Javasrcipt generator

On the Decay of the Art of Lying, by Mark Twain

Symptoms of Inner Peace

A Field Guide to Neo-Pagandom

Signs that you may be a Technopagan

Signs that you might be a Redneck Pagan

How to be a Cultist

The Geologists vs. The Fundamentalist

The Principles of Jewish Buddhism



Queer Studies

Queer Dharma and the only book collection published of any significant merit on the subject

Radical Faeries

Kawashaway Sanctuary, MN – the Northwoods Band of the Radical Faeries, my home tribe, if I have one; I even have some photos of the Sanctuary on this site

Short Mountain Sanctuary, TN – which currently is the home of RFD magazine

Zuni Mountain Sanctuary, NM

White Crane

Queer Performativity

Anything That Moves – a magazine for bisexuals

XY Magazine – one of the more thoughtful fag rags out there, and one of the view that speaks to younger gays in a positive way

San Francisco Gay Men's Chorus – the original gay men's chorus in the USA; I joined in 2006

Twin Cities Gay Men's Chorus – I sang first tenor with them from 2004–2004; expressing diversity through music

Australia's XY Online – men, masculinities, and gender politics





WitchVox —an okay place to start for beginners

Why Wiccans Suck —a traditionalist spouts off, but an informative site nonetheless

Celtic Resources

Some excellent Buddhism resources: links from the Electronic Buddhdharma Society, and links from Quiet Mountain

Zen Links

Queer Dharma

Native American resources



Healing & Shamanism

Reiki.org (I'm not affiliated with them, but I refer people to them because they have excellent FAQs)

More Reiki Links

Pranic Healing and the USA Pranic Healing site

Kiatsu and Ki Aikido


A Shamanism FAQ, with bibliography

More Shamanism Links



It's A Big Web Out There–Let's Go For A Ride!

The following links demonstrate what makes the World Wide Web so wonderful. This is the stuff worth surfing for. Inspired, unedited, unexpuragated lunacy at its obsessive, hilarious, ultimate best. The beautiful and the dangerous! The oddball and the sublime! The strange and the quasi-belligerent! What do you get after post-Post-Modernism: Art Damage–the final frontier!

Remember–in the current ongoing climate of American antisexuality, after the blue-nosed busybodies win their war on 'child porn' on the Web, they'll probably go after these sorts of sites–anything creative, free-thinking, vaguely anarchistic, or cognitively challenging. Or, maybe you. If you've had a free thought lately, or dared to think for yourself–watch your back. The Thought Police are no longer merely Orwellian fiction: they are mandated by the misnamed Patriot Act.


The Spam Haiku Archive (yes, I have contributed)

The Jean-Paul Sartre Cookbook

The Bill Bixby Memorial Haiku Bake-Off (resurrected from an untimely grave)

The Surrealist Compliment Generator (how fine a fair and fulsome aroma you evoke, mamselle!)

SubSite: The Official WWW Home of the Church of the Subgenius! Be very afraid!

Musical Instrument Jokes

Bodhran Jokes

The Peeps Research Page

Live Japanese Laundromat Webcam (possibly one of the world's most boring webcams) 

Origami Tesselations


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