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Here's a downloadable PDF file that contains several samples of commissioned logo designs and spot illustrations:

Logos & Illustrations

(Please note that some of the samples presented are copyrighted and may not be reprodcued without permission.)




My illustration work, as well as my fine art and personal work, has been described as archetypal, transpersonal, visionary, and shamanic. From the beginning of my career as an illustrator and visual artist, I have been primarily intereted in visionary and spiritual art. Over the years, this has developed into something of a specialty. Regardless of media, be it digital collage, photography, painitng, drawing, or multimedia and perforamnce art, my work has always had this emphasis.



Spiral Dance

Still a work in progress, Spiral Dance is intended to be published eventually as a deck of cards for meditation and transformation, featuring universal, transpersonal and archetypal imagery. It could also be used as an oracle deck–like a Tarot deck, but not structured at all like what the traditional Tarot has become. I have been working on this project since 1998, and plan to complete it in the next year or two. After that, I have to find a publisher.



painted illustration


Here are a few works that showcase my early painting and drawing styles.

Space Vision (acrylic)

Magic Mountain (acrylic)

Moonmoth (technical pen)

Wings (acrylic)


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