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Please note: There are no direct links to these pages from anywhere on the WWW, nor are these pages indexed by any search engines; although obviously these pages link back to rest of my online portfolio. There are no links from other places here, but there are links to the web. Please feel free to bookmark this page, but please don't make a link to it from anyplace else. If you arrived here by mistake, and are offended by nudity, sexuality, or homoeroticism, please leave now. Otherwise, please enjoy your visit.

The artwork and poetry on these pages is explicitly, openly homoerotic. As a gay artist, writer, and musician—or, as artist, musician and poet, who happens to be gay—the beauty of the human male form is often my muse, my inspiration and my desire. The arrow of desire leads us homewards as well as into adventure.

As an artist, I am driven at times to express desire in art. I view this body of work as erotic but not intentionally pornographic: lewdness is in the mind of the beholder. You won't find triple-X porn here, although you will find explicit nudity, and you will also find some of the art I have made from porn, processed, collaged, recycled, and mutated. The words here are perhaps even more explicit than the images; more suggestive, erotic, fulfilled. What we can weave with words cannot always be matched with other arts. I wrote my first homoerotic poetry in my mid-teens, and the three longest poems I have ever written have all been homoerotic.

Why am I doing this? Why spend any time building this sort of website? Why be so naked and open about this work? May Sarton, writing in her seminal novel Mrs. Stevens Hears the Mermaids Singing (1965), says that a poet must be naked to the world. She must always be open to inspiration, and from whatever direction. I also feel that an artist must give back to his or her own community. Let these, then, be my gifts to the community of gay artists, lovers, thinkers, and partners.

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Just for fun, here's some penis-related music I happen to like:

Romanovsky & Phillips: Please Don't Use Your Penis (For A Brain)

Uncle Bonsai: Penis Envy

Uncle Bonsai: Boys Want Sex in the Morning

Romanovsky & Phillips: What Kind of Self-Respecting Faggot Am I?

The Foremen: Firing the Surgeon General

Pansy Division: Cowboys Are Frequently Secretly Fond of Each Other



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