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Fonts created for fun during 2004 and 2005. I'm offering these as freeware. Feel free to download and use. All I ask is that you keep the SIT or ZIP archives together, including the ReadMe.txt files, if you pass them on. Also, please send me copies of any stuff you make using them, for my own archives.

13 October 2004, Arroyo Hondo, NM

One of those nights I occasionally have, where I wake up at 4am and know there's no point in trying to go back to sleep; I'm too wired. So, as I usually do on these kinds of nights, I boot up the computer and make something, or work. I worked on fonts last night. Worked on finishing up one of those design freelances. Then, just for fun, I made a new pair of distressed typewriter fonts, a genre of which I am probably too fond. Actually, I like doing elegant classic fonts, a lot, but then sometimes I need to break out and do one of these quick, semi-improv fonts. Another form of aleatoric artwork, using Fontographer's blend function to mess things up unpredictably.

Here they are, called BadWriter Abnormal (which of course is the Regular face) and BadWriter Exotic. Both Macintosh PostScript and Windows TrueType versions, with full character sets.

BadWriterAbnw.jpg:   BadWriterExow.jpg:

Mac fonts SIT archive

Windows fonts ZIP archive

Throw two incompatible typewriter fonts into the blender, and see what happens. Ouch. And in the case of Exotic: Dot me, baby.

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Lots of folks, including some art directors, who should know better, don't realize that font development takes time. Some folks seem to think all fonts appear magically, like Athena being born from the forehead of Zeus, but in fact, someone had to do a lot of picky detail work to make any given font. Even one of my quickie fonts can take ten hours; although I try to keep it under five. There are faster ways to make typefaces, perhaps, but then quality can be an issue. You want proper kerning? Good metrics? A nice look with even letterspacing, even if it's a grunge or distressed font? Well, that all takes time. Digital tools like Fontographer do speed up the process though; in the pre-digital days design tasks that might take me tens of hours would have taken months. So, none of us font geeks are complaining; but whether we choose to charge for it or give it away as freeware, just for the love of doing it, don't balk.

Courier RIP

Since the US State Dept. banned Courier New 12 as their official document font in 2005, we decided to make a memorial font in their honor. (Blends PostCrypt with a Courier knockoff.) This is basically a poetic/typographic protest against governmental stupidity and waste.

Mac version (PostCrypt Type I)

Windows versions (TrueType)


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