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Free Fonts 2003

Fonts created for fun during 2003. I'm offering these as freeware. Feel free to download and use. All I ask is that you keep the SIT or ZIP archives together, including the ReadMe.txt files, if you pass them on. Also, please send me copies of any stuff you make using them, for my own archives.

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26 Rue du Départ (TM)

A Modernist grunge font, inspired by the avant-garde, but whipped through a blender. A little bit de Stijl, a little bit aleatoric, a little bit geometric, a little bit ugly. This is what happens when you can't sleep one night.

This is a group of four fonts, not quite a family, but closer than kissin' cousins. Scrawl was UNcreated first, and serves as the Regular weight font. Sophist is the Thin weight. Syllabus is the Bold weight. Spearfisher is an outline font made from the bold weight. All four fonts are in the .SIT and .ZIP archives.


Mac version (.SIT)

Windows version (.ZIP)

SWCorona2.JPG: (TM)

Smith&Wesson Corona (TM)

Hey, Wilbur! Take that ol' vintage portable typewriter out behind the shed and shoot it full o' holes....


Mac version

Windows version

26 Rue du Départ Unexpert (TM)

This is a supplemental group of six "unexpert" fonts, added to the original four 26 Rue du Départ fonts. Squonk is an Oblique font. (Not a true italic, rather an oblique of Scrawl.) Stijled is really squared, man. As close to the spirit of De Stijl as this family will ever get. Stijlish is compressed, but also a wee bit taller. (Condensed weight font.) Squarevillage (Idiot Squared) is a secondary squared font, with some oddly calligraphic handwritten elements. (The village called, they're missing their idiot. They miss the graffiti especially.) Syllabus Ultra is an ultra emboldened font. (Extra Bold weight font.) Stigma is just plain illegible. No point at all to this one. Then again, secret writing is always mysterious in a fun way. Lovingly handcrafted to be as pointless as possible.

All six fonts are in the .SIT and .ZIP archives. As an added bonus, the Mac version of Stigma also includes PostScript Type 3 and TrueType fonts, and Stijlish also includes a TrueType font.


Mac version (.SIT)

Windows version (.ZIP)

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Update, November 2004

Three more fonts in the 26 Rue du Départ series have been created, and more are one the way. Available here someday.

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