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Free Fonts 2002

Fonts created for fun during 2002. I'm offering these as freeware. Feel free to download and use. All I ask is that you keep the SIT or ZIP archives together, including the ReadMe.txt files, if you pass them on. Also, please send me copies of any stuff you make using them, for my own archives.


Undieline (TM)

A somewhat risqué font, showing panty lines and belly-buttons. Some letters are innies, some are outies. The lowercase have navels, too, but are otherwise nekkid.

Mac version

Windows version


UNAmerican Typewriter (TM)

A grunged-out version of a classic typewriter font.

Schmutzed, skanked, skewered, and smeared.

A font that refuses to clean up after itself.

Mac version

Windows version

UNAmerican Typewriter used on a music CD:

Fractal One (TM)

A mostly illegible, highly fractalized font.

Use at your own risk.

The lowercase is the same as the uppercase, in this version. I might make changes to that later, but I'm also working on Fractal Two, another totally fractalized font that will address the case issues.

Mac version (includes Type 1 and Truetype versions)

Windows version (Truetype)

Scraggle (TM)

I had a bad day. Okay, a bad weekend. So I created a new font by blending some really incompatible fonts in Fontographer, watching the software crash, sorting through the desiccated remains, then drawing even more characters inspired by the ugly shapes that were created during the blend process. Okay, okay, I stole a couple of characters from other fonts I've been working on, too, like Death to Courier Spiked, but they were altered even further.

The moral of the story? Making art is the best revenge. Or making fonts. Whatever.

Note that the lowercase is far uglier than the uppercase.

Mac version (includes Type 1 and Truetype versions)

Windows version (Truetype)

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