As a prolific artist who works in several media, especially photography, digital collage and landscape art, and with a large and diverse body of finished work, I find it convenient to present my art as divided into distinct bodies of work, categorized by topic and/or locale. This is largely for the convenience of the interested viewer. I regard my artwork as a unified whole.


A new specialty gallery focusing on monochrome photography and landscape art.
































Here are some places on the web associated with various shows and magazines, that feature images of mine:

The Foot in the Door Exhibit, Minnesota Artists Gallery, Minneapolis, 2000

Skin, Part 2, Icebox Gallery, Minneapolis, 2003. My piece Calligraphy of the Body was part of this exciting show.

Avatar Review, Issue No.3, is back online in archived format, and contains several examples of my art and poetry.

Avatar Review, Issue No.4, is also back online in archived format, and contains some artwork of mine.

Some photos I took for Laurie Beth Clark to document her show The Everyday Life of Objects.

I also have some photos of the land of northern Minnesota featured on the Kawashaway website. Kawashaway is the sanctuary stewarded by the Northwoods Band of the Radical Faeries.

The Framedrummers Group CD compilation from 2003, now out of print, has been re-released as an online CD, at the Framedrummers Group homepage. I contributed two music tracks and artwork to this CD project.



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