Selected essays and reviews from 1990 to the present, including concert reports, music reviews, and essays about various aspects of contemporary music and art. Some of these pieces were originally published in Night Sites & Sounds, a monthly music magazine, and The Collective Voice, the journal of the Madison Music Collective, both published in Madison, WI.

Musical Structure, Cyclical Time & Inspiration

6 Haiku in the Form of a Drum

Crossing Cultures, Erasing Borders

New Traditions Music

John Cage, 1912-1992

Cold Fusion Reaction

Mysticism and Anti-Intellectualism

Going Against the Grain

Inspiration: The Western Lands

Jazz Essays:

On Improvisation

Provoking Judgment (On Improvisation II)

Separating Out the Wheat

Disturbing the Universe

Notes Towards a Folklore of Jazz

More Essays on Random Topics:

True Non-Believers

Random gleanings towards memoir and autobiography:

Three Essays towards a spiritual autobiography

Fragments towards an autobiography


A group of spiritual and personal essays, on various topics.


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