Digital artwork is a catch-all term almost too vague to be useful, but sometimes we're stuck with it.

I use the term to describe both fine art and commercial illustration wherein i create most of the imagery directly in the computer. Some elements may be photographic in origin, or scanned, and others created using drawing software, before all elements are combined into the finished work. In some instances, physical objects are placed directly on the scanner bed: it is my opinion that the scanner is a camera, just one with a very wide image area and a very shallow depth of field.

The vagueness in the definition comes from the fact that virtually all of my photography now is digital, and so virtually every image is processed through the computer at some point, whether unaltered or heavily processed using any of the Photoshop filters that I wrote to customize the look of my artwork.

I also use a great deal of that quintessially modern art technique, collage. Most images that combine layers or elements are technically collage, in some cases photomontage.

The entire Spiral Dance series, for example, comprises visionary and archetypal images consisting of collage and manipulated imagery and photography: quintessential digital artwork. A few Spiral Dance images are shown below; for a more complete overview of the series, click here.

I should also mention that each digital artwork piece, even though created in the computer, may be printed on archival photographic paper or, in the case of a giclée print, on watercolor paper or canvas. The materials we can print on now are almost endless.

So, with all that in mind, please enjoy the digital artwork!



Palimpsest I: Making it new




Stone • Leaf • Book (triptych)


Memory of Trees



Self-Portrait, age 14


Falling Ice, St. Croix River, Interstate Park, St. Croix Falls, WI
Grand Prize & First Place Awards, Interstate Park Photography Contest, 2000


White Bird/Badlands



Measure of Man I


Measure of Man II


Fountain, Loring Park, Minneapolis, MN, summer 2002


Javanese boys playing, 1986





For more digital artwork, of a somewhat more abstract variety, check out the Fractal Art page.


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