I was in Chicago in mid-August 2003, before going to New Mexico. Riding the El with a friend, I took several photos of the trains and platforms, and conceived the collage below. It wasn't till after I got back from New Mexico that I was able to assemble it, however; doing so changed my perspective, and I have found myself creating several other matrix collages since. One of them is a collage of Santa Fe images; another was created by snapping photos out the truck window while driving around St. Paul, MN.

I have not yet decided if this is a series of individual pieces, or a whole new style of making art. Each piece is constructed on a grid in Photoshop, arranged sequentially or intuitively; choice of materials is always relevant in constructing a collage. The finished pieces are all quite large when printed on archival photo paper.

Meanwhile, more pieces in this series will be added here as they are made.



Fractal Trees


Santa Fe, August 2003


Castro MUNI


Night Ride Home I





Pianos I


Pianos II



Pulp Fiction


Night Ride II, Taos, NM




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