Algorithmic Composition


The files below are standard MIDI files (.mid) of original generative algorithmic music, which you can play in your browser directly. Just click on any of the Play buttons.

The files were created using generative algorithmic computer music software. The first group consists of fractal-derived music, created using Musicnum, a freeware software program that turns numbers into generative fractal music. The possiblities are endless. These are fairly simple pieces, but were fun to experiment with.

Minor Mood     

Trance Piece with Taiko Drums     

Taiko Rhythms     

Vibraphone Pentatonics     

These next two pieces were made using DataBin and SoftStep, by Algorithmic Arts, John Dunn's powerful modular data conversion and modular software synthesis programs. Bio2MIDI is also an interesting piece of generative software that creates MIDI files from biological data such as DNA code sequences.

The data used to create these two pieces was a few months' worth of electrical usage data for an office building in the Midwest. Pretty much any text-based data file with numbers in any range can be processed through DataBin to produce a numerical binary file that can then be imported into SoftStep and converted into music. In this case, the pitch tracks the meter readings.

Sense Data    

Sense Data 2     

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